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oh, hola there

If I were to introduce myself to you with just three words, I would probably go with: Latina, artist and designer. But that doesn’t cover it all. My name is Andrea, everyone pronounces it differently, so don’t worry on how you do it. Originally from El Salvador, I moved to Canada in search of conquering my biggest dream: the world of Advertising.

Why am I in Advertising? Simple, I just love ads. 

(Kid you not, being stuck watching infomercials every Sunday morning since I was six may have had something to do with it).


One thing you should know about me besides my work?

I probably know more about Harry Potter than you do.

Sorry not sorry.

That was definitely more than three words but for now that's a small summary of who I am. If anything stood out for you and would love to collaborate in future projects or just say a quick hola, get in touch with me anytime!


Contact Info


in: Andrea Pineda

P: +1 647 2182787

A: Toronto, Ontario

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